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Cyclonic Separators

Cyclonic separators

The pulp and paper industry is one of those industries that have a lot of surprisingly complex processes involved in it, despite the fact that it seems like something relatively simple. There are many companies in the pulp and paper industry that use a number of extremely specific operations using specialized equipment. That kind of equipment has to be produced somewhere – and companies such as Levstal are more than happy to accommodate.

As for the project itself, it was all about cyclonic separators. Levstal was tasked with creating 4 objects in total, with the overall weight of the job estimated at 50 tonnes. The separators themselves were created using carbon steel, and a lot of different operations were involved in the manufacturing process – welding, assembly, painting, NDT control, and so on. Additionally, the project was created in accordance with the client’s drawing, and the shipping of the end product was also handled by Levstal.

Carbon steel
Total weight
4 pieces
Pulp & Paper
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