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Modular apartment buildings

Modular apartment building

Modular apartments have been seeing a lot more popularity in recent years, and this project is one of many examples of that. A set of modular apartment buildings was completed in Sweden with Levstal’s metalworking capabilities. That way, Levstal managed to provide dozens of apartments using its capabilities and expertise in the field of modular housing.

One of the biggest advantages of modular housing as a whole is the speed with which the construction as a process can be completed. Since a lot of the construction as a whole is performed at the earliest stage of the project – even before the transportation process – it is easy to see why the construction on-site would be so fast. The main reason for that is the nature of modular housing – modular apartments that arrive at the construction site are basically pre-built and only need to be placed and connected accordingly, which makes the entire project that much faster.

Modular Housing


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