Hydropower plants as a whole involve a rather large number of different components and details that are straight-up necessary for the entire process to run properly.

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There is no doubt that the turbines are some of the most important details when it comes to hydropower plants, but there are also many other details that are important to a specific part of the process. This also includes draft tubes, which can be composed of multiple different parts – with each part having the requirement of being able to withstand the pressure of water on a regular basis.

Levstal was proud to create one such part – a draft tube elbow for our client’s hydropower plant located in Norway. The entire draft tube’s design was performed exactly how the customer wanted it, with all of the customer drawings acting as the direct reference during the manufacturing process. Several different steel-related operations were used in this process, such as blanking, rolling, welding, as well as assembly, pressure testing and NDT control. The entire object was also painted and shipped to the client by Levstal.


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