Custom Conveyors

This is a project for the mining industry that was performed by Levstal – custom conveyors.

    • Construction
    • Finland

    A project for the client in Finland was made using Levstal’s extensive expertise in the field of creating complex metal constructions using parts of a variable size that could be partially connected at the earliest stages of the production.

    Since conveyors in the mining industry tend to vary a lot in both size and complexity, it is important to work with an experienced metal fabrication team to ensure the sufficient level of customization and effectiveness of the final product. Mining as a whole is a rather hazardous process, which puts a lot of pressure on the equipment used in the process – including custom conveyors. It is one of the main reasons why Levstal was chosen for this project – the combination of experience and capabilities that Levstal provides is more than enough to act as a guarantee of the conveyor’s quality.


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