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Cranes for Production Hall

While Levstal does have a lot of grateful clients all over the world, not all of the projects have to be aimed at a third-party client, either. There are some cases when Levstal manufactures something that benefits Levstal, first and foremost – such as this particular project, a set of cranes for Levstal’s production hall. Since Levstal is a steel fabrication company, it is rather normal to expect a lot of the projects that Levstal does to have massive weight.

On its own, steel is not the heaviest material in the world, but the scope of projects that Levstal works with often goes into tens and hundreds of tonnes per project – which is why this particular set of cranes in the production hall was created specifically to be able to hold steel objects with up to 500 tonnes of mass. The overall project’s weight is 30 tonnes, and everything was manufactured using carbon steel as the main material.

Carbon steel
Total Weight
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