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Levstal Marine provides high-quality services for the shipbuilding industry. With fully equipped workshops, skilled welders, and strong engineers we provide top-notch marine metal works: steel replacement and manufacturing to satisfy all needs of our clients.

In terms of steel replacement, we provide a complete repair, renovation, and modification of hull structure including cabins, deck, engine room, pump room, all tanks, cell guide, cargo-hatch covers, side shell plating, etc.

Technical marine service

We provide steel manufacturing of major structures:

  • Production of T, double T, L profiles/beams
  • Sea fastening supply and manufacturing
  • Rudder and steering gears check and overhaul
  • Welding services for constructions (certified)
  • Welded sub-assemblies
  • Folded plates 
  • Profiles bending (Bulb flats, Flat bars, Rounds and half-rounds)
  • Plates manufacturing

Sea fastenings

The proper seafastening of precious cargoes remains vital for a project’s success. At Levstal Marine, we provide handy and seamless sea fastening options for a wide range of transportations — from short coastwise to deep-sea transportations of high value or fragile equipment.

Steering gear ship

Every maritime cargo ship needs to have the main steering gear as well as an auxiliary one. Keeping your operating ensures by well-timed steering gears check. We provide the diagnostic of all steering ships types:

  • Fully hydraulic
  • Electro-hydraulic
  • Fully electric

Marines welding

Our experienced marine welders team offers top solutions – smart devices, welding control software, and qualified services – for both complicated industrial projects and day-to-day welding needs. Though this occupation is one of the most dangerous ones, we know this is a highly necessary service and ready to take a risk.

Marine welding offering:

  • TIG and MIG/MAG welding (aluminum and alloys, acid-resistant steel, constructional and tool steel)
  • Black steel welding
  • SS welding
  • Aluminum welding
  • Color metals welding
  • Rewelding
  • Soldering

Marine foundations

The Levstal Marine team is an expert in unique high-quality marine foundation solutions and its installation. Cooperating with our best marine designers and installers we ensure the construction cost is lower and the deadlines are met. We believe that the project’s success depends on open communication and thorough planning. This may be achieved by studying risks and applying our skills and experience to find the best solutions for your project implementation.

Challenging marines foundation projects and innovative approaches make us more and more experienced and qualified every day.

Contact us to know how you can save time and cut expenses on marine metal works delivery, manufacturing, and maintenance. Make the right choice with Levstal Marine!


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