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Values and principles in which we sincerely believe

  • We belive in trusting relationships and hard work always pays off

  • Be honest and you will be surrounded by the right people

  • If you did something wrong, admit it

  • Think sincerely about how to benefit your customer and you will get back a thousand times

How to choose the right service provider? Beautiful words do not cost anything!

  • See the references of the service provider.
  • If the production is a mess can you be sure that it will be able to fill orders in a timely manner and with high quality?
  • Visit the production facilities, see the organisation of the production, whether it is clean and there is order in the house.
  • Does the production have enough power to deliver your products – equipment, cranes, human force, the size of the gates?

LEVSTAL is your expert in steel

  • We manufacture steel constructions and our goal is to help you with timely delivery and high quality.

  • We take all of your metal work on our shoulders, allowing you to spend less of your time. We will do the work that is meant for us.

  • We have brand new production facilities, where we have the opportunity to build our production in a way that we can produce high quality products and do it fast.

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Risk free delivery

  • Our work has a 24 months warranty period
  • Our production quality is monitored daily by our quality overseer and 2 times per week by TÜV Nord.
  • I am 100% sure that you will be satisfied with our work (CEO – Filipp Levada)
  • Other companies praise (See what they are saying).
  • We will do everything in our power to deliver our client’s order on time. Even without profits, but on time.

We don’t waste our customers’ time!

  • We are professionals

  • We value the time of ourselves and our customers

  • We are not an ordinary steel constructions company, our teamwork helps to achieve highest quality

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