Plasma, laser and gas metal cutting

Metal cutting – one of the most popular services of LEVSTAL factory. We provide three types of metal processing: plasma cutting, laser cutting and gas cutting. We work with local raw material, buying special types of steel from factories-manufacturers, if needed.

Plasma metal cutting

Plasma cutting – metal sheets processing which uses plasma jet as a cutting tool. LEVSTAL uses 3 Hyperterm Plasma HRP 260 cutting machines. Machines allow to process black steel sheet from 0.5 to 30 mm thickness or stainless steel sheet from 0.5 to 20 mm thickness; sheet width up to 2500 mm and length up to 12 000 mm.

Laser metal cutting

Laser cutting – metal processing with laser, crucial for performing work requiring high accuracy. Laser cutting machine – Trumpf TruLaser 5060 laser. Opportunities: processing of ferrous metal and stainless steel (with thickness up to 25 mm, aluminium sheet – up to 12 mm) The advantages of laser cutting: reduced risk of metal deformation, high quality, speed of cutting, low material consumption, low price of service.

Gas metal cutting

Gas cutting – metal processing with burners which generate jet of oxygen. LEVSTAL`s professionals use two ESAB SXE-P1 4500 machines for cutting with jet of oxygen. Ferrous metal sheet parameters: thickness: 15 – 150 mm, width up to 2800 mm, cutting length up to 18 000 mm.

Powerful equipment, qualified professionals and work of inspectors allow us to perform large orders with high quality. High qualification of professionals and company`s three authoritative certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and EN 1090.

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