Metal sales

LEVSTAL engaged in supplying various types of metal, including sheet metal, and specialized materials and fittings from local and foreign manufacturers. Special steel grades with improved strength characteristics that provide increased durability and longer life are avaliable in addition to basic grades.


1) Sheet metal is one of high-quality metal products and comes in the form of corrugated or smooth sheets, as well as broad bands. Metal sheets are defined by their little thickness, which allows them to be used both in construction and in the manufacture of small parts. LEVSTAL offers its customers a wide selection of different types of sheet metal wholesale and retail.

2) Profiled materials are characterized by high mechanical and vibration resistance and are mainly used in the construction of various steel structures, installation of building frames, pillars and ceilings. LEVSTAL is engaged in manufacturing and selling all kinds of profiled steel. Bandsaw Pegas Horizontal is used for cutting, which allows processing black metal and pipes with dimensions of 440 mm x 600 mm x 16 m (height x width x length).

3) Reinforcement steel is interconnected steel rods used to increase the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures in the construction of various buildings. LEVSTAL sells rebar and wire mesh and has the ability to deliver them to the customer. Manufacturing clamps and cutting steel and mesh to the dimensions provided by the customer.

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