LEVSTAL is certified in accordance with EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standards.

Loorent Ltd which owns LEVSTAL trade mark is certified against EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standards.

The EN 1090 Certificate is a confirmation that quality of work performance with steel structures corresponds to European standards. All the work is carried out by qualified specialists.

The EN 1090 Certificate offers the possibility to make CE marking on articles that guarantees high quality of metal structures to LEVSTAL customers.

The ISO 3834 Certificate confirms that LEVSTAL has the quality system in the welding production.

The primary targets of the quality system implementation in the welding production are:

  • continuous improvement in quality of manufactured welding articles,
  • improvement of qualification of all level employees working at an enterprise in the area of welding,
  • implementation of modern highly productive welding technologies.

Now our customers may be sure that LEVSTAL metal structures are qualitative and reliable thanks to the well-adjusted procedures for production supervision and management.