Rent and cooperation for metalworkers

Company LEVSTAL has prepared a unique offer of cooperation to those who are interested in business development in the metal industry.

For the companies engaged in metal applies special discount of the rental price.

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You are our partner, if your company:

  • Manufactures metal structures;
  • Sells metal products;
  • Performs mechanical processing;
  • Manufactures metal;
  • Sells metal;
  • Produces steel constructions;
  • Performs cutting or metal works of profiles;
  • Performs painting of metal;
  • Produces parts of metal.

We offer you an opportunity to rent industrial space on beneficial terms and to join forces, experiences and opportunities into one whole, in order to create the most competitive products in the market of metal industry. We believe that the cooperation between the metalworkers enables the integration of production, the protection of potential risks and as a result, the development of common interests in business.

Ready-made industrial space to rent for metalworkers

Today, we have a free rental space of 1500 m2. It is a logistics park. It is located near Tallinn, in Loo village, which has convenient access roads due to which the goods are loaded directly from the warehouse.

Ceiling height in the storage area ― 12 meters, the gate ― 7 х 7 meters. It allows the production equipments with large calibre to be installed. The object is heated, it is equipped with a ventilation system and necessary technical utilities.

Lessees can use functional lifting device with a maximum lifting power up to 20 tons.

Metalworkers needs-based built industrial space and warehouses for rent

Loo map

We are the owners of the plots of land with the further objective of construction-related rent.

The plot of land is located in Loo village. The surface area – 15.6 ha. There can be built modern production plants of metal structures. That place is also well suited for a logistics park. Here is a great junction:

  • Distance from Tallinn-Narva-St Petersburg highway – 3 km;
  • Distance from the nearest port of Muuga – 5 km;
  • Within the distance of 45 km three more ports are located.

Advantages of LEVSTAL rental areas

  • New plants
  • Good logistics
  • Mutually beneficial relationships

The proximity of highways

Direct proximity of the production areas with the highways allows conveniently and promptly the cargo to be transported to the ports for the further transport all over the world.


Our buildings are suitable for the construction of:

  • Production plants and factories;
  • Warehouse complexes;
  • Logistics centres.

The best rental price in Estonia

Rental price of the industrial space is the most competitive in the Estonian market in terms of the price and quality.

Our objective

  • Establishment of a powerful modern manufacturing area in Loo village, which will be in leading position in Estonia.
  • Involvement of large number of companies operating in the field of metal and metal work, in cooperation.

We believe that the possession of a base in our factory, where already ready-made products of any complexity level and quality are prepared, provides an effective basis for a new, long-term and successful cooperation between metalworkers in mutual beneficial conditions.

Currently, in the factory of metal structures LEVSTAL up to 450 tons of metal parts and complex constructions are manufactured monthly. In our complex, already 5 other manufacturers of metal structures are operating.

Cooperation of metalworkers: Your advantages

Further expansion of the number of companies and joining of their forces enables a number of attractive options for all the parties.

  • Supplying each other with work.
  • 5 companies ― one team. Cooperation in case of small and large orders.
  • You can order all metal-related services from one place and with good price ― COOPERATION! (I will buy from you ― You will buy from me.)
  • An opportunity to monitor the stages of work constantly on the ground.

Customer is satisfied

Cooperation of metalworkers undoubtedly creates more comfortable situation also for the customers. Together we can offer a complete package of services:

  • Design of metal structures;
  • Sale of ready-made products;
  • Installation and dismantling of metal structures;
  • Bending of sheet metal , including bending without welds;
  • Plasma, laser or gas cutting of steel;
  • Painting of metal parts, products and surfaces with various methods;
  • Manufacturing of metal structures, also on the basis of prepared drawings.

All of the aforementioned services can be ordered from one place and with good price!

Cooperation for performing small and large orders and qualified staff of all parties enable to fulfil efficiently and quickly the tasks related to the production or technical processing of metal products. Therefore a customer will receive necessary products much faster than it can be done by the competitors.

Use new possibilities for doing business, start cooperation with the company LEVSTAL!

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