Construction of small ships, houseboats and aluminium constructions

LEVSTAL ― qualified team of specialists, experienced in construction of small ships for more than 20 years.

LEVSTAL SHIPBUILDING provides turnkey construction of small ships, houseboats, barges, catamarans. Also we produce various metal and aluminium constructions for ships of all types.

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We build reliable and comfortable medium and business class small ships, in strict compliance with the requirements of classification societies, and taking into account the wishes of customers.

What involves the offer of LEVSTAL SHIPBUILDING?

Small shipbuilding

We have the possibility to produce small ships of qualified black stainless metal and durable shock-resistant aluminium structures for travelling on the river, lake and sea. These may be the pleasure catamarans, cargo platforms (up to 65 tons), barges, boats and other objects of modern shipbuilding.

Opportunities of LEVSTAL for building catamarans:

  • length – 18 m, weight – 36 tons, purpose – fishing.
  • length – 30 m, weight – 60 tons, purpose – cargo up to 50 tons.

Construction of small ships with the length up to 30 m of any purpose and complexity is carried out by experienced engineers and designers. Aluminium structures and other metal products are used that ensure durability, stability and long lifetime.

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Hull, Sections, Blocks, Superstructures

Shipyard LEVSTAL superstructures are produced with modern technology. Those can be used in the construction of inflexible casings for ferries and other vessels of different sizes. The main materials used in shipbuilding are aluminium and steel. Aluminium superstructures allow ferries to achieve optimal speed and greater durability.

Our specialists ensure the production of metal products and ship constructions, and also carry out the installation work.

In the construction of small ships we use actively aluminium. Due to the lightness and the durability of corrosion, it is perfectly suitable for the construction of launches. Aluminium superstructures for passenger ferries may be produced on the basis of individual project, using non-standard metal products.

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Benefits and added values of LEVSTAL

LEVSTAL`s highly qualified team of specialists is not engaged only in ship construction and production of various metal products for small ships. The offer of LEVSTAL SHIPBUILDING includes significantly broader variety of services:

  • Design, sketches and drawings of ships;
  • Class confirmation of ready-made ships;
  • Construction of floating houses.

References of LEVSTAL in the previous year


Restaurant ship Viva

In the port of the island Brygge in Copenhagen, our restaurant ship Viva is located, which is constructed on the basis of an exclusive project and can accommodate up to 75 passengers, not taking into account the 50 additional seats on the deck in fine weather. Ship – a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying warm summer evenings.

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Floating houses in Copenhagen

Company LEVSTAL participated in creating amazing modern style floating homes in Copenhagen. Houses with wood-panels and round windows combine the architectural elements of the coastal area. We have our own vision of how the former neglected coastal areas can be decorated, by building there modern floating restaurants, hotels and entertainment clubs.

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  • Construction of aluminium roof structures for cruise ships;
  • Construction of ships up to 30 m, following the requirements of classification societies and requirements of the customer, and taking into account the needs of the client;
  • Aluminium superstructure construction for fishing trawlers and passenger ferries..

A small ship constructed by LEVSTAL SHIPBUILDING – it includes a powerful metal frame, comfort for the crew and modern design!

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