Construction of buildings and custom construction services

Construction of buildings, especially industrial construction – one of the main activity spheres of the company LEVSTAL. For nearly 20 years we have been engaged in construction of industrial buildings, logistics parks, warehouse complexes, shopping centres and other facilities. Experience of our clients shows, that LEVSTAL are very reliable partner in custom construction services.

Opportunities of LEVSTAL

Today, our company owns 15.6 ha of land in Loo village, located 11 km from Tallinn, where we can expand the construction of production plants and logistics centres with further purpose of renting.

Furthermore, in Tallinn at Betooni põik 12, is located a plot of land with the surface area of 1 ha, which is suitable for the construction of 2- and 4-storey buildings with access roads.

Explore the map and choose a suitable plot of land.

Building plot in Loo village (Harjumaa) of 15,6 ha

Building plot in Tallinn (Betooni põik 12) of 1 ha

What we offer to build in Estonia?

LEVSTAL RENT BUILD`s main commercial offer includes the construction of:

  • Production buildings and steel structure warehouses;
  • industrial construction;
  • Logistics parks;
  • Commercial, entertainment and sports centres;
  • Office and administrative buildings.

The company LEVSTAL also performs the construction orders of buildings with other purposes. These may be lightweight modular buildings, houses or restaurants, halls, stages.

For constructions of objects, high-quality metal structures are used, which guarantee reliability and a long lifetime. Functional technique allows to perform with short-term not only the construction of warehouses, but also the construction of industrial buildings, taking into account individual demands and expectations of the customers.

Advantages of LEVSTAL

  • Complete cycle of building services

    By cooperating with experienced subcontractors, we are able to perform all the phases of construction process: starting from the project preparation, construction of the framework, installation and connection of the utilities up to granting of exploitation.

  • Modern design

    The architectural ideas for designing steel buildings derive from the latest technologies, which are adapted to the requirements and financial possibilities of the investors. In order to prepare the sketches of the office buildings or the objects to be created for other purposes at the highest level, we use an innovative and professional software.

  • The speed and quality of construction work

    In January 2014 we gave to exploitation the production facility in Loo village with the surface area of 6000 m2. It was built just in six months.

  • A full package of documents for a finished object

  • Definitely the best construction price in the Estonian market

Our objective

  • To build new industrial complexes in Estonia, which will increase our competitiveness in relation to other countries.
  • To supply manufacturers with new modern buildings, so that they can produce quality products.
  • To create good and healthy conditions for workers of the production units.
  • To speedup the production in Estonia and to reduce operating rates in relation to other competing countries.

Company LEVSTAL focuses entirely on customers, therefore we are not only carrying out the custom construction of buildings on the basis of the order, but we also adapt the finished object to the current and future needs of the investor.

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